Originally from Metro-Detroit, Joan Roach is an arts writer and curator who focuses on sculptural, textual, and performance-based work concerned with how social space is conceptualised, created, and restricted. Writing from a queer phenomenological perspective, they highlight work that encourages readers to give critical attention to their relationship with the material world. At present, they are the publication editor and programs manager for LVL3, an artist-run exhibition space and publication, the Arts Learning & Engagement Coordinator for the Chicago Architecture Biennial, and a curatorial resident at Chicago Artists Coalition.

Joan Roach

Artist Reviews & Texts

Sleeping While Awake (Dec 2021)
Deep Cuts
I Sense Something has Changed

Hyun Jung Jun (Break Out Artist)
Exhibitionisms Part b
Exhibitionisms Review
Slouching towards equitable
Aliens and Angels
Soft Divides

Bodily Autonomy
Polyester sheets

On Being Tender

Artist Interviews

Curated Exhibitions

Deep Cuts
I Sense Something Has Changed
On Being Tender

LVL3 Exhibitions

Linen Silk & Pearls...*
As a sort of Cloud*
Water Cooler*
Long Braids, Strong Backs
Caesar’s Palace
Echoe’s in Rain

CAB Educational Materials

2021 Curriculum ToolKit
Youth Council Exhibition. TBA